Professor Bush sat back from his keyboard and looked at the screen.  The work had started, after months of consideration and research, he had begun.  The world needed to know what was hiding in plain sight and this was his contribution to it all.  He read back what he had written.

Your Music Is Wrong

By Professor Kelvin Bush

The world is getting faster, spinning to a point where if we are not careful, it will fall off its axis.  We can see it everywhere.  In adverts, music and films.  Things happen at such speed that it is difficult to comprehend what we are seeing or hearing. It is almost as if someone has decided that our spans of attention are so small now that we cannot handle space.

The worst culprits are the music industry.  We camn track the speed that music is being created and played at from the fifties, through the sixties and seventies to the eighties and nineties where things started speeding up as the years pass.  The dance tracks of the nineties had a beat that seemed designed to induce a stillness of mind in its listeners.  Rave culture was all about bringing people together as one.  This is a positive aspect of the speeding up of life.  Then in the early years of the Twenty First Century, something changed.  Music stopped being about peace and love and became something else, something new.  Teen bands have always existed but the ones of the past seemed to have a point to them.  Nowadays they seem designed to make their fans buy merchandise.  Bubblegum pop has been replaced by consumer pop.  Songs that mean nothing but have a catchy beat are all over our airwaves.  Remember when Rap music was about the struggle to better yourself?  Now we get people bragging about how rich they are, or how attractive.  The point of focus has become lost in a mess of need.

Music has a beat that affects the human soul.  in its early days, music was all about celebrating or remembering good times.  Lifting up the listeners into a common plateua.  Now it is all about bringing the world onto a way of thinking.  Everything is made up of particles that vibrate at different frequencies.  We perceive them as solid but in reality they are constantly moving at a pace we cannot comprehend.

What if that was harnessed and used to alter your perception?  That is what is happening and the world seems to have completely ignored the fact.  Music is designed to affect humanitys perception of the world around them.  We do not see what is really there because the vibrational frequencies of todays music is seeping out of the headphones of a teenager on the bus and swamping our senses with what they want you to see.  Changing the way of how you think.

We must stop this.


He was satisfied with this. Something neeeded to be done before it was too late.

There was three raps at his front door.  This broke his concentration and he begrudgingly made his way to his door.  Opening it he saw a man clad all in black, a top hat perched upon his head.  the man used a silver topped cane to raise this hat in greeting.

“Good Morning Professor, may we come in?”

This machine will not communicate, the thoughts and the strains I am under

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