He watches while we are lost

The man sat in his leather chair watching it all.  Sipping hot tea from a china cup he watched as the universe below him was spun together.  Worlds crashing into worlds, realities into realities, followed by a period of stability and peace.  Then those worlds, universes and realities were stretched until they cam apart again.  Spinning out to fill any void that had formed by their absence. 

He sat and watched it all, pouring endless tea from the tall china tea pot that sat on the black table beside him.  Steam rising from the cup he observed the changes until he understood the reasons behind them.

It was not a good time.

Eventually when the spinning started below him again and vibrational frequencies were getting attuned, he acted.

Placing the delicate bone china cup back on its saucer, he laid it softly on the table.  Standing up, he brushed himself down before placing his hat upon his head.  Imagining a mirror, he adjusted his clothing until he was happy.  then picking up his silver topped can, he tapped it twice on the floor and looked one last time at the universe.

“Oh this will not do at all.”

There was work to be done.  He turned to the right and dissapeared. 

The adventure had begun.

(Burst fiction for the masses from the Lairdofdarkness)


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