He’s got the key but I have the secret

There came three loud raps at the door.  A sound like metal on glass.  The man wandered slowly from the kitchen into his hallway, eating a slice of toast that was far too floppy to be consumed easily.  Approaching the door, he briefly wondered why his wooden front door had sounded like glass but that thought passed almost as soon as it had formed.  Opening it, he found himself face to face with a dark clad figure.  The most striking thing about this man was his top hat that was raised ever so slightly in greeting as the door was opened.

“Good Morning to you Sir.”  The mans voice was soft and slightly Scottish.  Immediately the householder felt at ease.

“Good Morning,” he replied.

The dark figure shifted slightly and the householder was aware that he was leaning on a silver topped cane.  As this man spoke, the householder became entranced by the way he slowly moved the cane around while he spoke.

“I believe that you recently came into possession of a pink plastic key?”

The householder nodded and without looking, reached behind the open door to the table that lay behind it.  Picking up the key in question, he handed it over.

“Yeah it came in a christmas cracker.  Pretty useless gift if you ask me but then again what do you expect for the money?”

They both laughed and the dark clad gentleman accepted the key.  The Householder never once broke his gaze from the silver topped cane.

“Bit of a mix up I am afraid,” The Dark one continued, “This is the key to the multiverse and it should have been placed in the tower with no doors but you know what it is like in the run up to christmas?  People over indulging and not keeping their minds on the job in hand.”

The householder nodded again, all the time watching as the cane swirled ever so slowly back and fore.

“Yeah. Oh well it is lucky that I hadn’t thrown it out yet?”

“Indeed,” the dark one was smiling as he placed the key into the breast pocket of his long black overcoat.

Suddenly the trance was broken and the householder blinked twice before looking at the dark one.  He raised his cane and tipped his top hat slightly up with the silver top and bid the householder goodbye.

As he closed the door, the householder forgot about the meeting and went back to eating his toast.  There was a programme coming on Television that he wanted to see and so he made his way through to his sitting room.

If he had listened hard enough, he would have heard the dark clad one laughing as he walked away down the path. 

One down.  Two to go.

(Burst fiction for the masses, whispered into the ear of Alex P Reaney by the Lairdofdarkness)


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