I dont think I’m going to let you stay in the film business

So for those who followed me from Posterous, maybe go and make a coffee.  For the new comers, welcome.

The story I have been writing in short bursts is now on this blog, so feel free to go and read it from the beginning (although to be honest you could probably jump in anywhere and not feel completely lost).

Basically I am doing this to keep my writing muscles in shape.  Every year in November I have taken part in NanoWrimo and then I spend the rest of the year recovering.  So this year i thought, why don’t I just write stuff at lunchtimes and post it.  The chances of a story appearing is slim but so far, i am quite impressed with what I have written.  It is all first draft, spelling mistakes and all.  I have no grand overall plan, no ultimate goal and no idea if it will ever reach a conclusion.  However I can promise you that it will always be interesting enough to read and it may inspire you to go and write something yourself, even if it is a reaction as “That Laird guy is rubbish, I could write better than that”. 

The post titles are mostly song lyrics (sometimes changed slightly to fit better) and if you can recognise them without resorting to the internet, well done.  There is no prize other than my respect for your musical knowledge.

So strap yourself in and follow me for the forseeable


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