If this world is wearing thin and you’re thinking of escape

Every town and city has them.  Those bits of architecture that seem out of place with the surrounding area.  Little slabs of concrete or granite that just stand out.

They are anchors.

You see each planet within the multiverse occupies the same space in time.  Each existing on different vibrational planes or frequencies.  Thats all that is keeping them from crashing together in one massive great big bang.  The anchors keep the worlds in alignment within the orrerry and enable those who have the ability to traverse the multiverse, to slip between the planes with a simple step to the left.

Thats what I do.  Or rather thats what I did, many years ago, I was a full time member of the agency with no name.  We kept the multiverse safe from the enemy who wanted it all collapsed together and mangled into one universe.  It is one of those never ending battles that you read about.  Each side perfectly matched and nullifying each other.  Small victories on each side maintain the balance.

So when I semi-retired, I went into null space, an area where I could exist without directly being on any of the earths.  This suited me as I honestly could not pick my favourite between them all.  Some mean more to me than others obviously, I mena, I am not a monster!

However from my vantage point I could see an imbalance coming.  one that would threaten the whole stability of the multiverse and in time, Null space.  So I came back.

My plan involved finding the key, the map and a guide to help me through the mission ahead.  Now I have all these tools, the real work starts.

So these anchors?  Keep an eye out for them, once you spot your first one, you will see them everywhere.


(Burstfiction for the masses by the Lairdofdarkness – saving the multiverse, one reality at a time.)


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