It was music we were making here until….

The Laird stood at the crossroads of the neverspace.  George stood beside him, his backpack full of physical sounds weighing him down.  The neverspace was quiet for now but that was soon to change.

In his hand, the Laird held a book.  The cover was worn and carried a publication date several years into the future of the time he was travelling to.  This was important to the agency with no name and he had been sent with due haste.

“So why are we going to see this guy?” George was ever the impatient one.

“Well George, this professor has stumbled upon something that may cause ripples throughout the multiverse.  We have to go and tell him not to worry.  this book,” The Laird held the book closed up, is the combination of several years worth of internet blog posts that he has been working on.  We are going back to stop him.” The Laird smiled at Georges change of expression.  “Not in that way.  We just have to show him why he does not need to worry and as such, no longer needs to write this book.”

The neverspace throbbed a deep amber and the Laird put the book back into his long coats inner pocket.  They were almost there.  The professor had stumbled onto the vibrational reality of the universe in which he lived.  The ability to manipulate that reality through music and sound was not a new concept, but this man had broken through the paper veneer of safety and was meddling in the workings of the multiverse.  It is not as if he did not have good reason to worry or meddle but he did not know the whole picture.  The Laird and George was going to show him the truth.  Hopefully this book would never be written and things would continue as before.

Well that was the plan anyway.

The neverspace faded away and the two companions found themselves standing in the driveway of a very well to do city house.  The traffic from the nearby road, was still audible but the bushes and trees dotted around were cutting off the worst of the noise pollution.  The laird raised his silver topped cane and knocked on the door three times.


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