Take me to the place where the dreaming never ends

There is a brief pause in the music and the club goes momentarily silent before the space is filled by the voices of the dancers. I poke my head out from my hiding place and scan the area. It seems safe now. So how did I end up in the nightclub from hell? It’s a long story. I’m not strong enough to go into details just now. Suffice to say, we walked through this world and I saw just how messed up their reality was. Hidden messages behind every poster, every billboard. All saying things that would only grind any individuality out of people. This world was lost to the multiverse. Nothing I or the agency could do would be able to restore this back to the orrery of worlds. That’s what my report to the Agency will say as soon as I get back. I was called to here by a force that I have so far been unable to discover. Here I met an agent that had been left stranded. She had not brought me here. Together we hoped to sort this mess out but after a quick tour of the surroundings, I realised that we were too late. The society had abandoned language for slang with a reckless abandon, it was just easier for them. The rise of celebrity culture had taken over almost all of the mainstream media. The government rebranded themselves as the G just to try and remain relevant. The biggest impact they had was that they were known as the Big G now. No-One cared, there was no fight left in the public. The world was over and they just had not realised it yet. The few people who had not been absorbed into the syrupy gloop that society had become, had retreated into clubs away from the world. An almost secondary society was forming but every day their numbers were dwindling as people just gave up fighting to be different and just joined the collective. If I remain here much longer, who is to say that I wont do the same?


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