The Story of Georgie Boy

I once asked George what had happened to him.  Just to satisfy my own curiousity you understand, nothing more.  He was very reluctant to open up but my tenacity eventually paid off.

You see he was too intellectual for the banality of the world.  He struggled with what the media and society found “Entertaining” and as such, he fell into a depression.

The only thing that he found, that kept the black dog at bay was the search for the truth.  The real truth.  The kind that is hidden behind the curtain.  however in this case, the real truth was through the looking glass.

He spent hours online looking for threads that would lead him to find out exactly what was going on.  prodding around he found the edge of the circuit board and looked underneath at all the wires.

Now if that had been the end of things, if he had taken what he had learned and gone about his daily life, that would have been that.

He didn’t.

He kept pressing forward, searching for the ultimate truth.  This caused his real personality to be steadily eroded.  A little bit here and there, he lost his humainty.  All that mattered was the truth.

Eventually he was an empty physical shell, transparent to the real world as he had fallen through the mirror and now could not get back.

Left with no choice and no direction, he ended up drifting for years until the Agency with no name took him in and gave him a purpose.  So he now assists us, slowly peicing himself back together again.

At least thats what he told me.  He is a terrible liar though, the truth was far more horrible than that.


(Burstfiction from the LairdofDarkness for the masses out there who feel “is this it?”)


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