This town is big enough for the both of us

The soft spring sun shone down on the Granite City as the Laird walked along Union Street.  The granite buildings sparkling like they were all shiny and new again. It was a good day.  The streets were full but not overly busy as he made his way to meet the guide.

In front of him the Laird saw a charity mugger.  All teeth and strange hair.  He was accosting the passers by with minimal success.  The Laird really did not want to be bothered with this form of social interaction, so decided on a course of action.


Carefully he matched his footsteps to the approaching chugger and started tapping his can slightly harder on every right foot step.  Each time the chugger stepped forward with his right foot, the Lairds cane made an audible noise. With this in place, he waited until the chugger was almost upon him and then double tapped the cane.

The chugger stumbled and the Laird was able to walk past him without any interaction necessary.

This was definately a good day.

Crossing Union street, the Laird arrived at the Union Terrace bridge and looked down on the train tracks and the road to nowhere that lay below.  The sunlight was just strong enough for him to see the man standing beside him.

“Good Morning George,” the Laird spoke with a warmth reserved for close friends.

The shimmering, semi transparent figure shifted uncomfortably, realising that he had been discovered.

“I dont go by that name anymore,” It muttered.  The Laird inhaled deeply and spoke the name that must not be uttered, a whisper in the soft breeze that was barely audible over the passing cars.  The man appeared in normal vision and looked very annoyed at the intrusion.

“Brilliant, thank you very much!”  The words dripped with sarcasm.

The Laird turned to face him and smiled.  He raised his cane and used the silver top to raise his top hat slightly.

“Come now George, there is work to be done.”

The two of them merged with the passing crowds as the sun started to shine just that little bit brighter.


(Burstfiction for the masses by the Lairdofdarkness – oh and by the way…that magic trick works!)


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