You are lost but I know exactly where you are

A fine drizzle fell from the grey sky as the car pulled away from the kerb.  The traffic seemed heavier than normal and the mother was already running late.  Picking up her daughter from the playgroup and delivering her to the childminder was always a rush to do during her lunch hour but needs must.

“I had fun today Mummy”

“Thats good sweetie”

“Yes a man came and told us a story.  It was a good story.”

The car slowed at the lights and the mother looked at her daughter.  She was obviously excited about her day and wanted to share.

“Oh was it one of the teachers?”  Her daughter shook her head.

“No mummy, he called himself the King or something.  He was very clever and carried a stick.”

The lights changed and the car drove away up Aberdeens Union Street towards the next set of lights.

“A stick?  Was it a walking stick?”

“No mummy, he used it when he was telling a story.”

The Mother smiled to herself.  The playgroup was good for her daughter and she imagined one of the teachers had been dressed up.

“So what was the story about then?”

Her daughter looked at her hands and spoke softly. Counting off the elements of the story with her fingers.

“It was about the mutty vess and the different worlds.  It had princesses and ponies and penguins in it.”

The lights had stayed at green and the mother drove onwards.

“That sounds exciting”

“It was mummy.  Then the king asked if we could draw the mutty vess for him.  He said mine was the best.”

The next light was green also.

“That’s nice honey”

“Yes and he said my drawing of the mutty vess was soo good that he wanted to hang it on his wall.  So I gave him it and he gave me invisible armour against the monsters.”

The lights all along Union Street were green and the car sailed through the lunchtime traffic. This was almost unheard of.  Slightly distracted by this, the mother had only heard half of what her daughter had said.

“That was very good of him.”

“Yes it was,” her daughter said with a triumph, ” and now I am not scared of any monsters.  Not even the ones under the bed.”

Ah those monsters, the mother thought.  Well if her daughter was now going to sleep through the night, that could only be a good thing.


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