Need to belong, the roads are scary. Hold me in your arms, I want to be your only possession.

I’m halfway along a dimly lit side street when I realise that Professor Bush was right.

The world around us is made up of objects that are vibrating at ridiculously high speeds.  The right vibrational level directed at something would disrupt the shape of that object.  Applied across a whole reality, then what you see would not necessarily be what is actually there.  He was convinced that music had been hijacked by those who would want to control where we spend our money but what if the ultimate purpose was to change our reality?  The agency was not convinced that it could be done on such a grand scale but this reality seems to disprove that notion.  Nothing here is what it seems.  Everywhere I look, the glamour slips slightly and I see it for what it really is.  Signs proclaiming one thing are actually saying something else.  It is all about control and this reality has fallen to it.

I had procured from the DJ in the club a portable music player and had him fill it with music I liked.  Most of the tracks were from when i was a teenager as they seemed to be the ones that created a happy place for my soul to visit.  Must investigate that further one day..  Slipping on the headphones, I stepped out into the world and was able to resist the pounding silent beat.  It was almost filtered out by the headphones but the residue that did get through was easily dealt with by my training.  That training had saved me when I arrived but over time it was not enough.  I really wanted to just give in and accept the world as it was.  My makeshift solution would enable me to continue for a while yet.

Of course, the revelation about Professor Bush caused me to stop and close my eyes, waiting for the bright and warm white light to envelop me and take me home.  It didn’t.  Apparently I was not in a quantum leap.  This saddened me.

Still ever onward.  George would be in for a mammoth evening of storytelling when I returned.


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