There is a place somewhere, sometimes you’ll find me there and if I am alone, I will be sitting on the stairs

There is a park in my Aberdeen.  An old Victorian place that sits just below Union Street and seems a million miles away from the noise and pollution of the traffic.

But this is not my Aberdeen.  In front of me lies a concrete facsimile, raised up to lie at the same level as Union Street.  The odd piece of plastic grass strewn about in a random pattern, tries to make the grey granite less cold. 

It fails, miserably.

However this is not my world, so I venture onto the concrete floor and thats when i can feel it.  The dull thump of the machine below my feet.  This is what is causing the vibrations of this reality to change.  This and several thousand others around this earth I would imagine.  As uncomfortable as it is to stand here, this is exactly where I need to be.

From the DJ at the nightclub I had got directions to a local pound store.  Strangely it was not where I had expected it to be.  This earth was doing things a different way.  Never mind, I knew what I had to do.  In cheap shops you can buy several items of speaker related materials that, with a wee bit of magic, can be amplified far higher than they were ever designed for.  Burns them out quickly but if all goes well, I only need a few minutes.

Placing them in the pattern that my name makes in your mind when heard through the night, I can feel the thump get stronger as if someone has turned it up to 10.

No matter, These will go to 11.

“What exactly do you think you are doing?”  The voice comes from a little man sat on one of the nearby grey benches.  I ignore him.  He will try to stop me soon but I will be ready for him when he does.  The pattern complete, I stand in the dead centre and raise a cheap plastic megaphone to my lips.

“Good Evening Aberdeen, the world will be changing around you, please do not panic.”

The small man gets up off of the bench and wanders over to me, his hands dug deep within the pockets of his sports coat.

“You can’t stop it you know?”

I smile at him and unplug my headphones from the portable music player.  Overwhelming images crash my vision as the real world around me throbs in time to the beat under my feet.  Struggling bend down and plug the music player into one of the speakers. 

“Piff, Paff, Poof” The old magic is always the strongest.

As the music flows through the speakers, an almost invisible dome forms around me and the outside noise stops.  I am in a cocoon of music and I allow myself to relax.  Step one is complete.  Taking out my mobile phone, I dial Agent Kittie.

She answers on the fourth ring.  I say hello a bit more curtly than I should have and then turn the phone towards the ground.


The Saxophone starts and I finally think that this might just work better than I had hoped.


(Burstfiction from the Lairdofdarkness who is wondering if anyone will get that lyric!!)


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