I used to be a little boy, so old in my shoes

The boy ran down to the bottom of the garden.  He loved being at his aunties.  More room to run around and explore.  While the grown ups sat inside drinking tea, he was free out here to visit strange new worlds. 

Amongst the apple and plum trees, the boy saw the mist.  The rest of the garden shone in the early afternoon sunlight yet this part was dark.  It represented adventure to him, a place that he had never been before. As he approached he thought that he saw something move within it.  It caused him to pause for a second.  The thrill of discovering a new place almost left him as the possible danger from a shadow in the mist gripped him.

A voice rang out from the mist.

“If you can hear this, then please know that you are important and needed.  You may be on your own but trust me that you are one of many, spread across different time and realities,  Some of you may already know me, some wont be able to see me.  Do not worry, in time all of this will eventually make sense.”

The boy sat  down on the grass under a nearby apple tree and allowed the mist to envelop him.  This was going to be a very good adventure.


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