Wont it be strange when we are fully grown

The secret to living in a society that is monitored 24 hours a day, is to turn invisible.  There are various different ways to do this.  I chose the technical option.  Magic was getting more and more difficult as the connection between the world and its people was steadily destroyed.  With the latest device, I could switch my visibility to machines on and off at will.  The government was all too aware that these items were available if you had the right money, so they kept bringing in more and more surveillance to combat it.  Civil liberties were rode roughshod over by the simple utterance of the word “Security”.  They government could justify anything it liked if it added that word at the end of its reasoning.

Of course those who this security was  increased to catch, just updated thier technology and stayed hidden, leaving the innocent majority to be the ones who lost any privacy they once had.  Ironic really.

However I am nothing more than a troublemaker.  A mischief maker if you will.  The world has become something I could not sit back and watch change into that which I hated.  Powerful political slogans had their power removed by being printed on mass market fashion and sold to people who did not want to understandd the power within the words.  They just wanted to wear something that a celebrity did.  The ultimate Big Brother did not have to work hard to control the populace.

So I joined with like minded people and set about using the technology available to show the world what was really there.  It was something to do I suppose, to keep me sane when everything around me was designed to drive me mad.

My digital device beeped.  At last, it was time.  I walked past the clothing and released the micro intelligence.  Those clothes would say something far different when the master switch was flipped.  Laughing to myself I left the shop, became visible and walked into the nearby concrete woods.

The fog appeared as I remembered it would.  With a last look behind me at the world that will hopefully not be there when I return, I enter the gloom and listen to the words I spoke so very long ago.

“If you can hear this, then please know that you are important and needed.  You may be on your own but trust me that you are one of many, spread across different time and realities,  Some of you may already know me, some wont be able to see me.  Do not worry, in time all of this will eventually make sense.”

There I was.  It felt good to see him again.

Now the fun could begin.


Bursfiction for the masses, infused with meta commentary that probably makes sense somewhere to the Lairdofdarkness


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