If the world was going to end in an hour and a half, would you want to get dirty, would you want to take a bath?

The music waves poured from the speaker of my mobile device, splashing onto the ground and rippling across the astroturf green carpet.  This may not work but I have to try it.
The man in the coat comes as close as the musical barrier will let him.  He sneers at the effect that the sound is having.
“You cannot stop this you know?’
I ignore him the best that I can.  Formulating my response will take time but I need the correct structure of words to make this work.  He continues to walk around the circle.
“We took this world from under your very noses.  Both your side and theirs. We told the people what they wanted and they accepted it all without question. They wanted banal, they wanted easy. Celebrities became the oracles of the people with them hanging on every word and action that they did. This meant we could just produce newspapers and media that just concentrated on that aspect of life, keeping the real news to the minimum. We did all this and we succeeded because they let us.”
I did not like his attitude. He was right of course but that did not give him carte blanche to just rant away like a pantomime villian.
I snapped.
“You know what? I know I cannot save this world. I’m not even going to try. This earth had the opportunity to stop you and it did nothing.” I let him takle that all in as the music changed coming from my phone. “I am here trying to find a way to get home, to get back to the nexus and get an army. I will then come back here and wipe every single trace of your mind control from this reality. You think I cant do that? Do you really think that we do not have that kind of power? Trust me, I am about to show you what one of us can do. You watch, take it all in and then go back to your masters and tell them we are coming for them”
I caught a flicker of fear cross his eyes and I suppressed a smile. Even I was almost convinced I could do this. We will see.
The music changed again and the whole of the concrete garden became shrouded in a light mist. Figures started appearing all around me. Some I could see clearly, some were shadows. It did not matter. I knew who they all were. This may work after all.
Stepping onto a plastic boulder, I raised myself above the earth and cut the effect that the enemys poison was having on me. My voice grew in volume unaided. I was ready to address the crowd.

“If you can hear this, then please know that you are important and needed. You may be on your own but trust me that you are one of many, spread across different time and realities, Some of you may already know me, some wont be able to see me. Do not worry, in time all of this will eventually make sense.”

Realities were merging through the magic of music. Not my preferred medium but I could control it well enough for this attempt to get home. I watched as the figures all took notice of what I was saying and felt their power flow through me, down through the boulder and into the ground, amplifying the music that was still flowing from the mobile device.
“Are we all ready? Then we shall begin.” I paused not for any mystical reason but because I guessed it would look and sound cooler. Sometimes it pays to be a showman.
“It’s just a jump to the left.”

Burstfiction for the masses from the warped mind of the Lairdofdarkness


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