How can we dance when the world is turning

Have you ever had a dream where you are falling?  Spiralling through thin air towards a sometimes unseen force.  The sense of fear and exhilaration mixing in a warm way to make you feel bulletproof.

This is what I am feeling, that feeling that nothing can touch me, that I am somehow invincible.  The reality that I am currently in is crumbling around me and it is all down to me.

Well several hundred versions of me to be exact.

The beat of the fake world had increased as I took the multiple Lairds through the dance steps that were needed to combat this reality.  Who needed line dancing?  Scotland has had the slosh for years.  That uniform movement of a group of people was powerful magic if it was directed properly.  My reasoning was that if a vibrational frequency was what was casting the glamour over the population of this world and changing their perception, then a different but equally as powerfull beat would cause a cancelling effect.  I had not trained for this and it really went against almost all the rules of the agency.  The Artists Two would no doubt haul me over the coals when I returned home but I was prepared for that.  I could not remain here in a world where banality had become the norm.  This would probably get me home. 



I put the mobile device on hold and called Agent Kittie.

“Are you almost here?”

“Yes, just running up Bridge Street Now,”  She was breathless.  “I can see the world changing as I get closer to you.”

I finished the call and the music started to play again.  All the tunes of my life so far that filled me with energy and made me feel good, angry, sad, loved and hurt.  They were hitting the ground and blocking the relentless beat from the enemies vapid machine.  The posters around the concrete garden were losing their false messages and the truth was coming through.  I could not see the population but I knew that they were finally seeing things as they were and not as they were told they were.  It was a temporary effect but it would hopefully be enough to kickstart some basic part of their brain and cause them to start questioning things again.  Thats all I could hope to achieve.  The world had fallen to this malaise due to apathy of the people.  This was a small tear in the fabric of that reality and they had to make the choice to step through into the real world.

The man was looking worried now.  He was conducting several different conversations on several different mobile devices as he paced around my musical shield.  Occasional glances my way were met by my big smile.  I was winning and he did not know that it was only a temporary victory.  When I was gone, the manufactured reality would slowly return.  The way he looked, the masters of this reality did not know that as yet.

Good.  I needed the time for the final act.  The multiple Lairds were flowing their power into me but as they were all aspects of my life, the power varied depending on what stage of their awakining they were at.  I was not in a position to call in Lairds from all realities, just my own.  I saw the faces of the younger me, the bright blue eyes full of the wonder of the world.  The glares of the teenage me, clad in clothes that did not quite make sense yet.  Their anger at the unfairness of the world burning bright through their power.

They were all visible to me, those versions of my as a younger man.  The future versions were clad in shadow.  they had seen this play out previously and only they knew if it worked and what lay ahead.  They could see me clearly enough but there are rules and even though I have the magical prowess of a powerful mage, the rules still apply.  I hoped that the younger Lairds would forget this as I could not remember this happening to me at any stage previously.  I do not think I could have lived with the memory.  it would have been too much to take before I awakened.

Kittie arrived at the music shield and walked right up to the man in the coat.

“This is for your bosses” and kicked him in the balls.  I was still laughing as she entered the magic shield.

“Lets go home” She said.


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