The black dog and social networks

Two lyrics spring to mind about me.
” You know your problem? You keep it all in”
“Saw which was the winning side and still I joined the other”

When the black dog bites, I wish there was a place where you could just vent. Just say all the things that are bothering you and there would be no one to tell you things will be ok. That’s not what you want. A need to vent, to give your fears life so you can look at them without interference. That way you can see what they are and deal with them. Social networks would be ideal. However as we connect to more and more people we know, this brings good meaning advice and words of comfort. That’s not always what is needed.


One thought on “The black dog and social networks

  1. L says:

    Hear hear. I miss journalling sites which noone ever saw. The wonders of deadjournal in the early years of this century probably saved me a lot more physical pain but these days there’s nowhere one can do that as privately or anonymously.

    Nicely written as always though.

    Black dogs will always be there, the key is learning to either outrun them or beat them up and leave them lying behind you.

    See, no word of comfort.


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