The man in the mirror is looking at me like an enemy

I am fascinated by language.  The way that a combination of words can make you feel or think, is in my opinion, one of the most amazing things about language.

Song lyrics especially trigger some part of my brain that then tries to work out what the writer meant.  Of course this is all subjective and what I think a lyric means, may well be different to what you think it means.  Or indeed, different to what the writer meant.  None of us is wrong as that meaning is particular to us but to try and push that meaning on anyone else is when it becomes difficult to justify.  The only person who knows definitively what a lyric means is the writer.  Same goes for a story, a character etc.  We all take our own meanings and make them part of ourselves.  This is a good thing.

For example the title of this post is a lyric by Dappy.  Now I am no fan of the mans work, so cannot say whether this shows the usual deep meaning in his lyrics, or if it is a throwaway line.  I can only go by what I feel that lyric says and means to me.

Language is interesting like that.  It is also powerful.  Music adds to that power, so that when a great lyric is wrapped up in a good song, it transcends the original meaning and becomes something else.

Music as power or magic has been written about many times by different writers.  My own contribution to this was my recent burstfiction story.  In it the main character gets stuck in a universe that is lost to the main universe and is controlled by subliminal messages etc.  He uses music as a way to break that spell and escape.  this was due to me feeling down and a particular song came on my MP3 player.  My mood lifted massively and I fed that into the story.  i have thought of doing a writers commentary on the whole story, explaining what each reference means.  I am not sure how interesting the readers would find this.  The thought of putting a playlist in this commentary is tempting but since what the music means to me and what it may mean to the various readers….well that may lessen the enjoyment.  I am sure some would get something from this and that some wouldn’t.  However I have to write it to almost put the story to bed.  He is still hanging around in my mind, waiting for the next adventure.  The door is locked and the key must be conjured from words.

He will return and the story will continue


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