Where I stand, I see a broken land

The man stood with his head bowed.  He waited for the punishment that he knew would surely come.  He had failed to stop the agency people from escaping this reality.  The after effects of the agency operatives had not dissipated as they had expected and Aberdeen was slowly rejecting the subliminal mind control that had been put in place.  This was slowly spreading throughout the world and it was going to take a very long time to put back in place.  The failure was not just his fault but he had been tasked with the finishing of it all and at that, he had failed spectacularly.

The man behind the screen cleared his throat.  Resisting the impulse to look up, the man kept staring at the floor.  It may not have mattered now but he had professional pride.  The punishment was coming and he was determined to face it with dignity.

“Agent 47 you did not stop the enemy escaping”, The silence was broken, “However we had planned for this.  Our control has been weakened but this will be restored in time.”

A video screen appeared to the mans left.  Glancing at it he could see a computer simulation running.  On it people milled about an average street, going about their business as normal.

“We placed sigils into the environment many years ago.  Sigils charged by specific magic power so that alone they did not attract any undue attention.”

The man could see the various designer tags on the clothes and bags that the people were wearing.  The computer simulation then slowly zoomed out of the close up of the street, leaving the brand names as the only visible images of the people that bore them.  As the zoom continued, the world came into focus and the man could see the sigils moving around.  Strange patterns were forming and reforming all the time as the world continued about it’s business, blissfully unaware.

“We did not need to do much more than create a need and the people just took that idea and bought the programme.  We will now just wait.”

The man was now looking directly at the screen.  The sigils were slowly coming together into a giant image.  Beside the screen was a timer, it clicked over to 33 and the screen became awash with the symbol of his organisation.

The man behind the screen continued.

“Eventually our sigil will form naturally as you see here.  We have estimated that it may take 33 months from now.  Time is something that we cannot control effectively, so we must just sit back and wait.  When it happens, then we will have a control that we could only have dreamed of.”

Agent 47 smiled. 

“You still failed us, this must be dealt with”

The screams echoed long after they had stopped


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