Do not listen to a word I say……

In Issue 26 of Grant Morrisons run on Animal Man (From waaaaay back in the late 80’s I think), The superhero Animal Man meets the writer Grant Morrison.  It is one of my favourite issues of any comic and indeed the whole 26 issue run of Morrison on this title is one of the best stand alone, self contained stories I have ever read.

In one panel of Issue 26, Grant speaks about his cat who had got sick.  He speaks about looking after it and nursing it through it’s final days with such emotion that only a pet owner can understand.  The fact that he does this in a few panels is testemant to his skill as a writer and the combination of the artwork (Chas Troug I think…It’s been a while) to make the whole scene bristle with emotion and power.

Then Grant talks about how there was the writer part of him that knew that when the cat died, he would be able to use it in his writing.  That resonated with me very strongly when I read it.  In fact when I talk about my writing, It is a scene that I always mention as I have felt the same way.

It is a horrible and wonderful part of writing, that the writer can take something that affected them so deeply and mould it into something that can reach out to the readers.  Some will let it flow over them and others will be affected for a while before it ultimately dissapears from their conscious mind.  Then there are the very few that will let that emotion sit with them and compel them to use what they are feeling in their art, whatever that may be.

I have lots of friends and I am very lucky to have them.  However I rarely talk to them when I am feeling alone.  I do this because I am an idiot, I know this.  Friends are strength and their advice can be valuable, either for or against what you may ultimately decide what to do.  I tend to keep a lot in and brood.  When I do vent, I tend to do it as a story or blog post.  However as I have mentioned before, blogging is now read by too many people who may worry and that is not always what I want.  Call it self worth or whatever but I do not want to burden my problems onto someone until i know that they are what they feel like.  They may be passing clouds on my life but if they are not, then I will go seek solace with friends.


(I am a nightmare to be friends with…trust me!)

I often wonder if this is a creative thing or if it is a self destructive thing,  or perhaps a combination of both?




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