Black Sheep, Come Home….

The man known as Frob stood at one of the many consoles in the nexus and double checked the results.  It had been a strange few days for him and he did not want this affecting his normal mode of operation.  A new agent had said that he was a six foot tall penguin, strange enough of course but this had been the product of outside drugs on the agents mind.  Still, Frob did wonder why he was the only one that looked different to the agent.

After a third time of checking the data, Frob made the call to the Artists two.

“Sorry to bother you gentlemen but I have discovered a hole in the fabric of the multiverse.”

The Monitor showed the Artists Two nodding, waiting for the news.

“The Laird and The Colonel have dissapeared.  They cannot be found on any wavelength or reality.  It is like they have just ceased to exist!”

The Artists Two conferred amongst themselves and then spoke as one.

“Find them”


(Burstfiction for the masses from the warped mind of the Lairdofdarkness)


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