I have scuttled so far sideways

In a possible future you have only had nightmares about, there sit two people.  To the outside world, they are just like you and me.  Normal, everyday people.  One difference, they may never exist if certain choices are made in the here and now.

“He has gone” said the first man, his eyes clouded tiredness.

“Who?” replied the second man, tapping away on his mobile phone.

“The Laird.  He has gone, dissapeared.”

The second man puts his game on hold, the high score is just within reach and he did not want to lose his place.  That done, then he turned his attention to the first man.

“What do you mean gone?”

Sitting the first man places his head in his hands, exhaustion taking its toll.

“I was speaking to him about the optimum viewpoint.  he had found it finally, somewhere to the west of the city.  One minute he was there, the next, he was gone.”

A silence fell between them, eventually broken by the second man.

“Who has gone?”

The first man looked at him

“I cant remember.”

The Nexus viewer left the two of them and returned to scouring deep time.  Frob had been working straight for far too long but the need to find the two missing men took priority over everything.  They were special, they existed only throughout time, not across time and the realities like everyone else, Frob included.  If they had been taken off the game board then the rules would have to change to compensate.

Even then, it may not be enough.


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