Take these words and stick them in your head – Writers Commentary part the first

So I thought I would do a writers commentary about the recent Burstfiction story I have been writing.  It is an exercise in me looking at how I structure things and (for those who want it) a look into why I have written what I have.  I will only talk about bits of the story that may be of interest but do feel free to ask questions of bits I may have missed out.

So button yourself down and let me pull back the curtain

He Watches while we are lost

This is the only section where the title did not knowingly come from a song lyric.  We get the basic introduction to the main character (The Laird) as he watches the multiverse below his spaceship.  The idea of a multiverse is obviously not mine and has been used in many different iterations before.  However my biggest influence here is DC comics and the Crisis on infinite earths and Final Crisis (especially the look, at least in my mind)

The Laird sits drinking tea because many years ago, i was at the gym (not recommended) and was listening to my own music.  On the myriad of Tvs across the place, they were playing a music video.  In it a spaceship was floating above the earth and a man clad in steampunk style military gear was standing at a window sipping tea from a china cup (the only way to properly enjoy tea).  I was intrigued and then it became obvious that it was a Take That video.  I immediately lost interest.  however the image remained.

So the Laird watches the many worlds below him and senses something is wrong.  He turns to the right and vanishes.  This is a homage to the Timewarp (albeit a very loose one!)

He’s got the key but I have the secret

The Urban Cookie Collective song “The Key” provided the lyric here.  All because I received a pink plastic key in a Christmas cracker and I needed something for the Laird to be collecting.  This is the key to the Multiverse simply because it made me smile that something potentially so powerful could be something so insignificant.

You are lost but I know exactly where you are

Lyric slightly changed from the King Creasote song “Coast on by”

So where would one procure a map of the multiverse?  Well from the imagination of a child of course.  they are so much closer than most of us to the blurring of Reality and imagination.

This town is big enough for the both of us

Sparks of course.  Here we have a wee bit of magic performed by the Laird against a chugger.  i hate charity muggers and really wish that they did not exist.  I have no problem with donating to charity, i just do not want to do it because someone approached me in the street!  The magic bit comes from The Invisibles by Grant Morrison (Book one I think when the story turns to Byron).  In this comic, one of the characters mentions Aliester Crowley doing this exact trick in San Fransisco to prove Magik.

The Laird then encounters our secondary character here, George.  The see through man, who is invisible to the passing world.  Now union Terrace Bridge is pretty much the centre of Union Street in Aberdeen and that was why i chose it.  Sadly it is also a place where people have committed suicide.  The implication here is that George has had enough and wants to end it all.  The Laird needs him and arrives to recruit him to the cause.

He stares at the screen, the little words of green and he wonders what to do next

A slightly changed lyric from the brilliant song by New Model Army “225”

Here we have the Laird and George in an Everywhere and Nowhere room.  Thsi is shamelessly pinched from the idea of rooms that exist outiwth space and time – a bit like the TARDIS I suppose.  the name….well thats from the song “Hi Ho Silver Lining”, specifically the line “You’re everywhere and Nowehere Baby, thats where youre at”

I Know…I Know!!!

Anyway George is singing a lyric from a Sabbat Song.  Sabbat were a thrash metal band of the 80’s that gave away a flexi disc of a Warhammer themed song in the magazine White Dwarf.  This was enough for me to go out and buy their album (which i still have!).

It was not really my thing but you know, youth and everything!

The Laird is listening to Kate Bush because…well i was listening to Kate Bush when I was writing it and she is awesome.  Nuff said.

The Story of Georgie Boy

I think the song is called “The Ballad of Georgie Boy” by Rod Stewart.  This was a day where I could not think of what to write, so i started with a hopefully vague version of what George was and why he had become this way.  in my first NaNoWriMo novel “The Search for Goth Disco” there was a character called the collector and george is one version of this character.  Then collector was a hollow man who had the ability to take the bad memories away from people.  indeed he had to do this as some form of penance to fill himself back up again.  My good Friend Andy came up with the concept for this character many years before and this was a way to pay tribute to him and to tie this story into my earlier ones.

If this world is wearing thin and you’re thinking of escape

“Stay” by Shakespeares Sister.  Beautiful song.

Again I had no idea where to progress the main story, so this was my essay on why certain parts of the city we live in seem out of place. 


Ok That’s it for now.  Will continue with the next part soon. 


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