This is my goth, tell me yours – World Goth Day 2013

So in honour of World Goth Day today, I thought I would cobble together some songs that I have been listening to.  Some are Goth most are not but they all mean something to me when i think of Goth and its culture and as  this is between me and you, please bear with me and read why I class them as such.

Legion – VNV Nation

Pumping thundering beat, played alongside a series of words that just coat you in darkness.  Techno Goth if you will.

In Your Room – Depeche Mode

Dark opening with slow building beat.  Gahans vocals cry out something I cant put my finger on but in the end it does not matter.  A wonderful track

Want – Recoil

This was played the first time I was at a gothy club in Aberdeen.  It was the third track of the night and the club was filling up slowly.  The previous two tracks were not my cup of tea and I cant remember them at all.  this though, this just transformed my night.  The lyrics are wonderfully evocative and one day I will make a music video to go with them.  there are some good ones out there but in my head, the scene is somewhat different.

Confide in me – Kylie

Yeah a bit of a surprise I admit.  it is the darkest thing Kylie has ever done and is the only song of hers that I really like.  The video matches the song perfectly for me and hints of a different world, where interaction with a stranger is the only thing left for people.  The anonymity added to the thrill.

Burn – The Cure

On the soundtrack to the Crow and it fits perfectly.  That’s all that needs to be said.

Down in the park – Gary Numan

I love this track.  It speaks (to me at least) of a world where the future has gone wrong.  Humans are the enemy and robots created from discarded bodies are in charge.  There are a number of good cover versions out there (Marilyn Manson being my favourite) but nothing beats the original.

This Corrosion – The Sisters of Mercy

Bleak and lovely.  Haunting vocals to open and then comes the music like a wall of sound, unpenetrable and all encompassing.

The Everlasting Gaze – Smashing Pumpkins

Loud, brash and full of energy.

Only Happy When It Rains – Garbage

They have done arguably more Goth style music but this is just my favourite.  More rock I know but it is still a good tune.  Plus Shirley Manson…!

Since Yesterday –  Strawberry Switchblade

This is definitely one of those that is around the look rather than the tune, although that is brilliant.  These two ladies single handed are responsible for me falling in love with women in heavy eye makeup and Goth style clothes.  Although to be technical, they would fall into the Candy Goth look.

Faster – Manic Street Preachers

Dark, full of wonderful lyrics that make no sense and played by my favourite band in the world.  Plus one of my favourite Lyrics is in it.  “I know I believe in nothing but it is my nothing.”

Touched – VAST

Coloured no doubt, by my breakup, this is still a dark and lovely song of want and craving.

Longest Day – Soulsavers

More to do with the lyrics than the song but I do like both.  Sums up how some days feel.

Kingdom – Dave Gahan

Goth Disco in an almost perfect form.

Pictures of You – The Cure

Just a lovely, heartbreaking song.  A surprisingly upbeat style video though!

I Don’t Have Anything – VAST

I include this purely because this track brings me to tears almost every time I hear it.


So there you have it.  My playlist for World Goth Day 2013.



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