Peace falls from the leaves tonight

A quick thank you to the people who read yesterdays post and were worried about me!!  I thought it was a positive post but it just shows you that sometimes words without context can come across many different wordsThere is no need to worry as I am fine but I am blessed with wonderful friends and for that I thank you x

Anyway this made me think of expression through art.  A lot of what I write, be it fiction or blogging, is torn from how I feel about things.  I sometimes have a point to it all, sometimes it is just a venting exercise to get what is bothering me out there and to look at it from a new point of view with the hope of making some sort of sense of it all.

Artists do this all the time, be it through words, art or music.  The great thing about work like this is that it can mean different things to different people and no one is wrong.  only the creator of that art can tell the truth and sometimes that is lost in time (at least it is with me).

With my writing, i would feel like I was cheating if bits of it were not from my heart.  While this can cause confusion and potentially open you up to ridicule, the advantages are always a more powerful piece of work.  I use song lyrics as titles as a form of summing up a post or story or to help create a mood.  They do not always work but that wont stop me from using them.  Today’s title comes from the band Analog Missionary “Open Star”.  A lovely song but that lyric always stands out for me.  it makes me think of the death scene in “Hero” which is so lovingly done and peaceful that I hope that when I go it is like that.

The best example I can give you of using emotion in art, is Bruce Springsteen “The River”.  Now put your feelings of Bruce to one side and just bear with me.  The song is a beautiful haunting song that talks of loss of innocence and youth.  One of my favourites of his.

Now go and track down the version that is on his live album box set from 1985 or so.  The track opens with Bruce talking about growing up and fighting with his dad and all the problems that come with that time in your life as a teenager.  Then he moves onto the Vietnam war and the draft.  This is powerful and heartbreaking stuff and could only come from someone who had lived that.  The story has little to do with the song but the emotion that is built up by the telling of the story and then the harmonica kicking in afterwards to start the song, is possibly the most wonderful example of using your own life and putting it into your art.

Now we all have songs or books or art that we think do the same and if you have any, let me know.  i love to experience new things and while i may not agree with your assessment of something, there is just as good a chance that I will.  then you will have shared something almost magical and that is always a good thing


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