Songs I like but probably shouldn’t…and why
Robyn (with Kleerup) – With every heartbeat

I started listening to this after reading the excellent Phonogram book 2.
There is something haunting and beautiful about this track that I want to share with you. Be warned, there are a lot of remixes out there but this is the version I like.

The track starts straight away, no slow fade in of volume.  Its just there and demanding attention.  the drums provide the heartbeat of the song with the synth laying the foundation.  Then she starts to sing in that soft, fragile sounding voice.  I am not a lover of her work, so can’t confirm that this is what she sounds like.  On this track the voice is perfect.

A relationship has reached the end and they are walking away from each other.  The first verse makes this clear and then she starts to repeat the same sentence over and over, almost like a mantra to re-inforce that this is the right decision.

The voice goes silent and the strings take up the space.  Rising in intensity, accompanied by the drumbeat.  Then the drums disappear and we are left with the strings.  Emotionally uplifting and deflating at the same time for a few seconds before the synths kick back in.  Robyn then starts to sing “And it hurts with every heartbeat”.  Now I think the original version ends here for some reason.  this version continues as she repeats the line again (and this is the only change I would make to the song.  I would have had complete silence of the music and just have her voice be the only thing you have to hang on to.

Anyway, the line is repeated time and time again as the drums burst back into life.  Jeez I could dance to this track.  Somewhere in a darkened dance floor, I would not be able to resist the beat.  This track then takes the hurt and pain at the end of a love affair and condenses it into an almost perfect pop song.

Then all too soon, her voice goes silent and the synths start to fade.  Reality has crept back in and we are left in the middle of that dance floor as the lights come up.



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