Stillettos on broken bottles, I’m dancing round in circles

It was many weeks after she had left before he noticed the fridge magnets.  There had been a collection of them built up over their time together, but his favourite was the poetry words that she had arranged into a phrase of love.

It was no longer there.

It may have been gone since she left, possibly before. There was a lot of things that still held the spirit of her.  Her toothbrush had sat in the bathroom until recently and he still slept on “his” side of the bed.  A friend had told him he needed to reclaim his bed and one day he would.He had to reclaim his flat first.

Those missing words hurt more than anything before.

Slowly he started packing the remaining magnets away in a box



2 thoughts on “Stillettos on broken bottles, I’m dancing round in circles

  1. Sarah MacDonald says:

    it’s good, and interesting; it makes me want to find out more background and how ‘he’ would move on…what prompted you?


    • Thank you. Honestly that story was what happened to me today. Writing it down as a story to try and make sense of it all. Break ups can be hard (most of my posts tagged as blogs are me dealing with the feelings I’m experiencing) but I felt this would make more sense as a story. Autobiographical story admittedly but a story nonetheless.
      The Laird


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