Lights go out, there’s no warning

And just like that the Laird found himself sitting alone in the club.  The pretty girl was gone and the dance floor was empty.  The message that she had passed onto him was a mixture of hard to take advice and well intentioned suggestions.  It had left him drained and for the moment, unable to move.

Slowly the nightclub dissolved around him and he found himself sitting on his sofa at home.  He must have fallen asleep here and dreamed it all.  Yet the nagging feeling that things had not been quite that simple was there, just out his main perception.  It kept jabbing him, reminders that he needed to take things seriously. 

He looked down at the clothes he was wearing and noticed that he was no longer the Laird.  The look he had chosen was apparently middle aged man who has given up.  If there had been any velvet in the flat, he may well have clad himself in that.  Standing up and looking at himself in the mirror, he did not recognise the man that stared back at him.  He looked old and tired in the reflection, yet he felt young and alive inside.

Maybe things were changing?  Slowly.  He was not the same man that he had been earlier that day and there was nothing that he could point to, that would explain what had changed and why.

Over in the corner lay the silver topped walking stick.  The dying light of the setting sun reflected a light onto him and where it touched, he felt warmth.

Flipping the kettle on he looked out at the city beneath his window.  This flat had become his prison recently but a prison that he had willingly locked behind him.  It felt safe in here.  Out there the world was still too scary for his liking, but today it felt a little bit more welcoming.



(The Laird Of Darkness notes)

Today has felt weird.  Good weird but weird all the same.  I had gone to my doctor yesterday to explain my struggle to sleep.  He prescribed sleeping tablets and last night was the first time I had ever taken any.  I still took a long time to drift off but when I did, I slept straight through.  It has been a long time since I have done that.  So the above is just a third person look at how I feel today.  nothing more, nothing less.


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