The 1% chance

Bear with me on this, It’s something that has been birlin (good Scottish word that) round in my head this evening.

So let us set the scene.  We are in a pub, the lights are low and the general volume around us is loud enough and also low enough to create some sort of audio cocoon around us.  I take a sip and as I settle the glass back on the table i start to talk.

What if there was something you wanted?  Something that has occupied your mind for a while and has refused to go away.  Now in your heart of hearts, you know that it is probably never going to happen.  In fact you have spent far too much of your time thinking about it happening.  Tying yourself up in knots, going over the various scenarios and their possible outcomes.  Trying to convince yourself that it may actually happen, one day. Yet that exact thought should be what keeps you going, keeps you striving to achieve the aim.  Not me.  It drives me up the wall, such is my nature.

Tonight though, I asked myself a question.  Are you ready to give up that idea?

My Answer?

Not yet!

It suprised the hell out of me.  You see when faced with the chance to just let this ridiculous notion go, I decided to fight it.

Me.  The guy who just wants an easy life and to fly under the radar.  I decided that the simple fact was that even though there was probably no chance of it ever happening, The key word that stuck out for me was “Probably”.

(Ok I admit it is a bit weird that I talk to myself but what they hell, I live alone)

So i thought about how much of a chance there was of it ever happening.  I came up with 1%.  Possibly too low, maybe too high.  It really does not matter.  What does matter is that despite there being a 99% chance of this thing never happening, I am now excited by the chance that there is a 1% chance that it will.


I’m not tying myself up in knots.  I am not thinking obsessivly about it.  I have just decided that it might and letting the cards fall where they may.

Is that crazy?

Or is it the sanest thing I have ever done in the past few weeks?



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