I could have written all your lines

Last night I did it.

Oh yes I did!

No, not that!!  Last night i created a magical Sigil, gave it life and sent it out into the universe to see if it happens.

So if you fine yourself strangely attracted to me, or want to give me money, well don’t say that magic doesn’t work!

Ok Serious for a wee while.  Magical sigils fascinate me.  The idea that a design created out of a phrase can influence the world around you sounds ridiculous.  I certainly thought so along time ago, however I try to keep an open mind to as much as I can.  So I tried it.

Many, Many years ago, there was a situation where two people I knew were not talking to each other and I was stuck in the middle.  this was getting worse and affecting my health as I tried to balance things out between them.  So after watching this Grant Morrison video, I decided I had nothing to lose and created a sigil.  Within 2 weeks things were back to normal between them, despite the problem having been going on for months beforehand.

Now the cynical amongst you may say that was likely to happen anyway and you may be right.  Maybe I had no effect on the process.  Maybe I did.  To be honest i did not care then or now.  The main thing was they were back speaking and I was not being used as a football.

Recently I started thinking about Sigils again.  I had spoken to a friend about them and then it was suggested that I should just try them.  Now the main reason I had not in the years between the first time of trying and now, was because the only things I could think of asking for was the baser elements of life.  I felt guilty that if there was a power, then I should not be abusing it for my own personal enjoyment.  If there is no power, then I worried that i would focus on what I asked for and instead of this making me change so that it was more likely to happen, I would be consumed by it all.  Constantly wondering when or if it was going to happen.

I had made my peace with all of this a while back and last night I thought I would do a little experiment.  Nothing major and nothing that may not happen anyway (which could just make you think whats the point?) but something that made me feel good about doing.

Will it work?  Who knows?  If it does I may tell you about it (its not that exciting) and if it doesn’t, well I’m the only one who will know.

Stay Tuned Darkness fans

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