Wait….but you hate the Big Blue Idiot!!!!

My thoughts on Man of Steel – Spoilers obviously – you have been warned, albeit they are minor ones.

Still here?

Ok Here goes.

I liked it. I really do not like Superman as a character as you may have read previously.  However when he is written properly, he can be this inspiring hero that people can look up to.  Y’know the way he was originally created to be.

There are very few Superman stories that I would count as doing it right.  Red Son, All Star Superman and Grant Morrisons New 52 Action Comics run being the ones I would point at as good Superhero stories that happen to feature Superman.

So the film starts a bit slow with a few too many flashbacks.  There are four (that I remember) and only two of them were needed.  The first one with Clark as a kid and the one with his father and the dog.  The bus and the fight ones are just padding that should have been written around.  However that is a minor criticism.

Lois Lane was a well written part.  Well acted too.  Although for a supposed Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist, she has never handled a camera before (Seriously I was squirming at those scenes!).

Zod was great, as was Jor El.  Fight scenes were well done, if a bit OTT.

The ending….well I can see why people would be suprised but it has happened a few times in the comics over the years, so I had no problem with it.

Overall it showed Supes as a Heroic figure and that has been sorely lacking in the comics for a long time.


Last night I saw World War Z.  I enjoyed it too.  It is not the book but it had a better ending and Brad Pitts hair looks fantastic throughout.  Plus the scenes shot in Glasgow made me smile.


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