Compressed image is too big

The Doctor was no help. He just kept telling me to go for the vision implant and upgrade. I don’t trust those things but decided not to tell him that. They have a file on me and that may be enough to mark me as a trouble maker.  Not having an implant probably makes me stand out to them by not flagging exactly what I do and where I go.
I prefer to stay invisible.
However more and more things are converted to 8 dimensions everyday. Pretty much everywhere I look, I see error messages. My city has turned from a shining granite beauty into a mass of signs telling me I must upgrade to see the reality.
This is reality though, not that.  Yet its getting harder to live as we once did and people just accept it, upgrade and ignore the consequences.
This is not the future I wanted.


“I’ll be honest with you….I’m pretty scared”

Sometimes I come up with genius ideas.

This is not one of them.

A couple of days ago, I noticed a Facebook post from one of my friends who had his music collection rated by Alan Partridge.  What a brilliant idea, i thought and tried to download the app to do the same (well i like Gary Numan so I reckon I was on safe ground)

However it was Apple only, so frustrated and a little bit sad, I searched the Android Market for Alan Partridge stuff.  Plenty of soundboards so I downloaded a couple.  One of them allowed me to set the phrases as notifications.  So now my message tone is Alan saying the title of this post.

So today at work, I am listening to dance music and a message comes through.  Alan says the words and it fitted.  I mean really fitted into the tune, almost like it was a deliberate sample.

Little things and all that!

So why not try it yourself.  Download a soundboard and play some dance music.  then at random, just play one of the phrases “Tell me about the Ladyboys” and ” Scum, Subhuman Scum” work well too.

In fact to help you get started, the track below should work very well.  A forgotten Bronski Beat classic (after Jimmy Sommerville left) but it is a high energy and very 80’s piece of cheesy disco.

I love it unsurprisingly.

I reckon Alan would too….until he realised that they were gay and then he would react accordingly.  Well his newspaper of choice is the Daily Mail remember!!




RedRain is pouring down all over me

I watch as the people scurry through the rain sodden streets of this granite city.  The sun has long since set and the city is illuminated by the various lit shop signs, the names alive in the puddles.  Reflections of their true power.

Yet this rain is red.

They cannot see this.  They see only what they are programmed to see.  Only those who look beyond the illusions can see the true colour.

Something is coming.  Something bad.  I want to reach out to warn the people but it would do no good.  They only hear what they have been told to hear.

I cant stand by and do nothing.

This is my city.

My phone burrs in my pocket and as I look at the screen, I can see that I have been summoned.  The red rain has brought out concerns that certain members of my order would prefer to have remained hidden.

Too late for that now.  I open my door and step out onto the street, visible now for the first time.  The people pass me as if i was a ghost.  A shadow cast upon a wall fleetingly and then gone.

If only they knew?

Looking for your voice – remember together you are strong

Today I want to share a post from the Awesome Christopher Bird (Mightygodking) all about …well just go and read it Here

I personally do not care about the olympics – in fact last year I got very annoyed by the whole thing.  The lead up, the event itself and the aftereffects.  I just wanted to avoid it all.  The adverts were the worst with everything seemingly hitching their wagon to the 5 ringed circus.

But that’s me, I don’t like the Olympics.  Others do and fair play to them.

This latest upcoming Olympics though….well Russia’s anti-gay law is enough for me to take an interest in how the global community reacts to this.

There will be protests I am sure and as well meaning as they no doubt will be, they will not affect the event.  That post explains this in far better detail than I can.

So why not use your consumer power to make a point.  Not a nasty point, not an angry point, just a point.  Don’t buy a particular product, buy an alternative and explain, calmly and respectfully, to the company exactly why you are doing this.

This goes for anything that you do not agree with.  You have the right to stop buying anything you want, for whatever reason you want.  As long as you do so without demanding others to do the same of course.

Personally I am not sure such a protest will make a blind bit of difference to the Olympic committee and these upcoming games.  I hope I am wrong though.

Communicate and Celebrate – (yes its another post about Hackers…your point is caller?)

Spent too much time listening to this track over the past week since I got the Hackers soundtrack

There is something hypnotic about it all that has just demanded repeated listening from me.  It has gone from a track I did not mind, to one of my favourites from the CD.

The whole soundtrack is filled with awesome though.  The Prodigy with Voodoo People and One LoveLeftfield with Open Up (john Lydon vocals although that aint him in the video!) are my favourites, along with Halcyon on and on by Orbital

Anyway, the main reason I have been listening to the soundtrack is that I have been thinking about a set of characters I created years ago for a book for NanoWrimo.  It was not very good and is the only one that I have written that I have never let anyone read.

The characters stayed in my mind though and I used them for the Secret Pigeon…well partly.The story was basically that I wanted to create a Jet Set Radio style story set in Aberdeen.  The skater gang were taking part in some weird graffiti game that was authorised (I even created some rules for the whole set up although sadly I cannot remember them at all).  I named the main characters Montag and Faber from Farenheight 451 and the story was all over the place (which is true of everything I write).  One gang had gone bad and it was all tied to some strange otherworldly influence coming from Duthie Park.  This was put in so I could re-animate the frog as a bad guy. Oh and to also semi recreate the gathering scene from The Warriors plus get some reference in to Gary Numans “Down in the Park” (there is always a Gary Numan reference in my stories).

However when I re-used them, I was influenced by MCR Na Na Na Na and they had morphed into an interdimensional fighting force, defending an Aberdeen on an earth where Oil had not been the main source of its income.  Montag and Faber were still there but there were two others (and yes they did stand in V formation).

To get back to my original point (see I ramble, This is me sober too!) I have been thinking about the roller gang and as there is a connection with Hackers, with people on roller skates, the soundtrack is inspiring me to write something.  Anything to give them back the virtual life that only characters in books have.

I may do it episode style on here….I may not…I will see how it all starts out and choose then.

You never know

This may be my big thing

Well I can dream!

Now and then they’ll watch TV, Now and then they’ll speak to me

We did not realise what horror we had unleasehed with the machine.  It was a sunny day when the sales director marched into my office.

“You know what we have done?”

I shook my head.

“We are creating these bloody boybands.  Our machine is not screening the users out of the collective memory.”

He had a Tablet screen with him and as he set it up to show me what he meant, he added.

“Why did we not bloody check this?”

I gave a mild agreement noise and looked at the screen.  There was a host of pictures of various boybands and girlbands, all swirling around in a carousel fashion.

“Right,” He took a deep breath, “You know that in every teen band, there is at least one member that no-one can understand why they are there?  Well it turns out that they are there because they have used our bloody product.”

I was unsure what he meant.  He then showed me band after band, pointing at the member and in some cases members, that just did not look right.  Each and every band had them.  Every single one.

“How do you know that we are responsible?” I asked him quietly.  He smiled with no warmth and pointed to a particularly famous boy band.

“Because, this band was supposed to just be one singer.  it was formed to show off a boy that a record company executive fancied.  Just look at that picture.” He pointed in a particular direction to the members behind the main singer.  They were the junior admin staff in our company!!

“Oh god.”  I sat back stunned.

“We have created anomalies all over the place.  People now think that the reason the ginger one was in that band was because she was picked for her talent.  She works down the local chippy and had just borrowed her dads machine.  Now everyone thinks she was in that band.  Art has become reality and we can’t stop it.”

There was a long period of silence in that room.  Outside the office walls, the everyday noises continued.  Eventually the sales director spoke.

“There is one option…..but I don’t think you will like it?”

My look must have conveyed the emotion I wanted as he continued

“Ok I will just get him on the phone.”  His fingers flashed over the haptic keypad beside the screen.  A phone rang twice and then stopped.  The screen became filled with a large pair of sunglasses.  Wearing them was difficult to ascertain but the voice that oozed out of the speakers at least gave me an idea.

“Hello.  I am a music hunter.  I hunt music.”

The man paused and a thin finger pushed the sunglasses closer to his eyes.

“I haven’t found any yet.”

This is the day that your life will surely change

He was already sitting there when i returned home.  I had already walked into the living room before I caught sight of him, lounging around on the sofa.

“Hello there” he spoke with a calm, measured tone, “Just back from the cash machine then?”

I nodded.

“I bet you are feeling pretty low right about now?”

Again, I nodded.  Slowly I moved towards the chair directly opposite him and sat down.

“I also bet that you walked home from town, counting the coins in your pocket.  Tried to decide between food and cigarettes?”

I looked away, he knew me too well.  I reached into my jacket and pulled out the packet.  Studying it, i opened it and offered him one.

“No thanks.”

I put them away without taking one myself.  It seemed wrong somehow.

He leant forward and spoke with a bit more force in his tone.

“So there you are, broke and angry.  Angry at the world for not helping you with some magical ending.  Angry at the fact that you need to work but don’t get the benefit of the money you earn.  I know you, right now you want to scream don’t you?”

My gaze did not waver, despite the ire that was rising behind my eyes.

“You want to get even, you want to prove the world is wrong about you.”  He leaned in even closer to me and his voice dropped to a whisper.

“Good job you have a weapon then, isn’t it?”

My expression conveyed my confused mind far better than any words could.  He smiled and tapped my head with his forefinger.

I knew what he meant.  From out of nowhere, he produced my favourite pen and a pad and handed them to me.

“Better go to work then.”

I started to write and just like that, I was alone.