Is Zero Cool still cool?

Dear readers

I am going to let you into a wee dream I have had for a while now. 

I want to remake Hackers the film

Same Cast

Same Script

Same Soundtrack

Just update the Tech

Now I can hear you asking

“Why Laird….Why?”

Well there is no actual reason other than I would like to.  Simple as that.  I love the original film in so many ways.  it is very dated now (and to be honest was when the film came out too) but there is something very …..awesome about it too.

Every couple of years I get this notion.  Indeed the last time I tweeted about it (@Lairdofdarkness) I was tweeted by @Hacktheplanet as they must have picked up the hashtag #Hackers.  My account is locked now, so when i tweeted a couple of days ago, I did not receive any replies.

However my Facebook post on the same subject got lots of replies and likes from my friends.  It seemed to have struck a cord with people.  Mentions of how awesome the soundtrack is (it is) and how the tech in the film was not too far from futuristic even back then (personally I don’t think it was but I may well be wrong and looking back with eyes of today than then). 

The responses excited me and because you can set up websites almost without really trying, I set up a free one via Yola

There is very little content on there.  lets be honest what could I put on there?

However I did it because it made me smile (same reason I put up 

My Godfrey Ho appreciation site)

Anyway back to the matter in hand.  A remake is almost impossible to even consider.  The fees for Angelina Jolie and Johnny Lee Miller alone would make it so expensive before you even started.  Plus can you imagine that either of them would want to even do it?

That doesn’t stop me dreaming about it.  Hell even an animated version would be brilliant.  The internet is where we can come to dream and that is one of the wonderful things about it.

So assuming it became a reality….who’s with me?

How would you do it?

Let me know because even though it will never escape reality, it is still fun to do.

One thought on “Is Zero Cool still cool?

  1. You need to set up a kickstarter!!


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