“So how does this work again?”

The man in the shiny suit took a deep breath and as he exhaled, the smile on his face grew bigger.  He started pointing to things.

“Using the very latest in Dream-e-reamy technology, we have developed the FLK-atron.  A machine that allows you to go and join your favourite band.  You simply attach these sensors to your forehead and switch on this switch”

He was pointing to a luminous green switch that had the words “Ready, Set, Go” written on it.  The shiny suit mimed pushing the switch and threw in a sound effect.  it sounded a little bit like


He continued.

“The FLK-atron will then find a moment in time when whatever your favourite band was doing, an extra member would not be seen as anything out of the ordinary.  Obviously different bands will have different amounts of these ‘Moments'”

(he air quoted….I hated him at that moment),

“so for example – UB40 has many such moments but The White Stripes don’t.”

I nodded.  I still had not received an answer to my question.  So i asked it again.

“Yes, I understand the concept.  However is it a virtual reality machine?  Does it project images into your mind, so you can live out your rock star dreams?”

Shiny Suit looked at me blankly.  I smiled to try and break the silence.

He started the presentation again.

“Using the very latest in Dream-e-reamy technology, we have…”

I interrupted him by holding my hand up.  He stopped and looked at me, unsure what I was doing.  I sighed and then spoke slowly.

“Does this machine, use computer graphics to create a realistic, breathing environment where the user can experience a simulation of what it would be like to be in the band of their own choosing?”

Shiny suit liked the terminology.  He seemed to understand it.  His smile was even larger.

“No, no, you misunderstand me.  This machine actually sends you back in time, so you are physically there, in the band of your choice, in the flesh.”

It was my turn to look blankly at him.

“We have spent a lot of time and effort setting this up and using our exclusive knowledge, can actually send users back to be in their favourite band.  the other band members will react to you as if you have always been there and if you are lucky enough to be sent back during a concert, the crowd will just accept that you are in the band.  When your experience ends, the band and the crowd will just re-adjust and forget you were ever there.”

I mulled that over….what he was saying was complete nonsense of course, but if we could sell anything to anyone, then we could sell this to the public.  I leant forward and looked him directly in the eye

“I’m in.”

Passion, Love, Sex, Money, Violence, Religion, Injustice and Death

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