This is the day that your life will surely change

He was already sitting there when i returned home.  I had already walked into the living room before I caught sight of him, lounging around on the sofa.

“Hello there” he spoke with a calm, measured tone, “Just back from the cash machine then?”

I nodded.

“I bet you are feeling pretty low right about now?”

Again, I nodded.  Slowly I moved towards the chair directly opposite him and sat down.

“I also bet that you walked home from town, counting the coins in your pocket.  Tried to decide between food and cigarettes?”

I looked away, he knew me too well.  I reached into my jacket and pulled out the packet.  Studying it, i opened it and offered him one.

“No thanks.”

I put them away without taking one myself.  It seemed wrong somehow.

He leant forward and spoke with a bit more force in his tone.

“So there you are, broke and angry.  Angry at the world for not helping you with some magical ending.  Angry at the fact that you need to work but don’t get the benefit of the money you earn.  I know you, right now you want to scream don’t you?”

My gaze did not waver, despite the ire that was rising behind my eyes.

“You want to get even, you want to prove the world is wrong about you.”  He leaned in even closer to me and his voice dropped to a whisper.

“Good job you have a weapon then, isn’t it?”

My expression conveyed my confused mind far better than any words could.  He smiled and tapped my head with his forefinger.

I knew what he meant.  From out of nowhere, he produced my favourite pen and a pad and handed them to me.

“Better go to work then.”

I started to write and just like that, I was alone.



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