Now and then they’ll watch TV, Now and then they’ll speak to me

We did not realise what horror we had unleasehed with the machine.  It was a sunny day when the sales director marched into my office.

“You know what we have done?”

I shook my head.

“We are creating these bloody boybands.  Our machine is not screening the users out of the collective memory.”

He had a Tablet screen with him and as he set it up to show me what he meant, he added.

“Why did we not bloody check this?”

I gave a mild agreement noise and looked at the screen.  There was a host of pictures of various boybands and girlbands, all swirling around in a carousel fashion.

“Right,” He took a deep breath, “You know that in every teen band, there is at least one member that no-one can understand why they are there?  Well it turns out that they are there because they have used our bloody product.”

I was unsure what he meant.  He then showed me band after band, pointing at the member and in some cases members, that just did not look right.  Each and every band had them.  Every single one.

“How do you know that we are responsible?” I asked him quietly.  He smiled with no warmth and pointed to a particularly famous boy band.

“Because, this band was supposed to just be one singer.  it was formed to show off a boy that a record company executive fancied.  Just look at that picture.” He pointed in a particular direction to the members behind the main singer.  They were the junior admin staff in our company!!

“Oh god.”  I sat back stunned.

“We have created anomalies all over the place.  People now think that the reason the ginger one was in that band was because she was picked for her talent.  She works down the local chippy and had just borrowed her dads machine.  Now everyone thinks she was in that band.  Art has become reality and we can’t stop it.”

There was a long period of silence in that room.  Outside the office walls, the everyday noises continued.  Eventually the sales director spoke.

“There is one option…..but I don’t think you will like it?”

My look must have conveyed the emotion I wanted as he continued

“Ok I will just get him on the phone.”  His fingers flashed over the haptic keypad beside the screen.  A phone rang twice and then stopped.  The screen became filled with a large pair of sunglasses.  Wearing them was difficult to ascertain but the voice that oozed out of the speakers at least gave me an idea.

“Hello.  I am a music hunter.  I hunt music.”

The man paused and a thin finger pushed the sunglasses closer to his eyes.

“I haven’t found any yet.”


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