Communicate and Celebrate – (yes its another post about Hackers…your point is caller?)

Spent too much time listening to this track over the past week since I got the Hackers soundtrack

There is something hypnotic about it all that has just demanded repeated listening from me.  It has gone from a track I did not mind, to one of my favourites from the CD.

The whole soundtrack is filled with awesome though.  The Prodigy with Voodoo People and One LoveLeftfield with Open Up (john Lydon vocals although that aint him in the video!) are my favourites, along with Halcyon on and on by Orbital

Anyway, the main reason I have been listening to the soundtrack is that I have been thinking about a set of characters I created years ago for a book for NanoWrimo.  It was not very good and is the only one that I have written that I have never let anyone read.

The characters stayed in my mind though and I used them for the Secret Pigeon…well partly.The story was basically that I wanted to create a Jet Set Radio style story set in Aberdeen.  The skater gang were taking part in some weird graffiti game that was authorised (I even created some rules for the whole set up although sadly I cannot remember them at all).  I named the main characters Montag and Faber from Farenheight 451 and the story was all over the place (which is true of everything I write).  One gang had gone bad and it was all tied to some strange otherworldly influence coming from Duthie Park.  This was put in so I could re-animate the frog as a bad guy. Oh and to also semi recreate the gathering scene from The Warriors plus get some reference in to Gary Numans “Down in the Park” (there is always a Gary Numan reference in my stories).

However when I re-used them, I was influenced by MCR Na Na Na Na and they had morphed into an interdimensional fighting force, defending an Aberdeen on an earth where Oil had not been the main source of its income.  Montag and Faber were still there but there were two others (and yes they did stand in V formation).

To get back to my original point (see I ramble, This is me sober too!) I have been thinking about the roller gang and as there is a connection with Hackers, with people on roller skates, the soundtrack is inspiring me to write something.  Anything to give them back the virtual life that only characters in books have.

I may do it episode style on here….I may not…I will see how it all starts out and choose then.

You never know

This may be my big thing

Well I can dream!


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