Looking for your voice – remember together you are strong

Today I want to share a post from the Awesome Christopher Bird (Mightygodking) all about …well just go and read it Here

I personally do not care about the olympics – in fact last year I got very annoyed by the whole thing.  The lead up, the event itself and the aftereffects.  I just wanted to avoid it all.  The adverts were the worst with everything seemingly hitching their wagon to the 5 ringed circus.

But that’s me, I don’t like the Olympics.  Others do and fair play to them.

This latest upcoming Olympics though….well Russia’s anti-gay law is enough for me to take an interest in how the global community reacts to this.

There will be protests I am sure and as well meaning as they no doubt will be, they will not affect the event.  That post explains this in far better detail than I can.

So why not use your consumer power to make a point.  Not a nasty point, not an angry point, just a point.  Don’t buy a particular product, buy an alternative and explain, calmly and respectfully, to the company exactly why you are doing this.

This goes for anything that you do not agree with.  You have the right to stop buying anything you want, for whatever reason you want.  As long as you do so without demanding others to do the same of course.

Personally I am not sure such a protest will make a blind bit of difference to the Olympic committee and these upcoming games.  I hope I am wrong though.


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