RedRain is pouring down all over me

I watch as the people scurry through the rain sodden streets of this granite city.  The sun has long since set and the city is illuminated by the various lit shop signs, the names alive in the puddles.  Reflections of their true power.

Yet this rain is red.

They cannot see this.  They see only what they are programmed to see.  Only those who look beyond the illusions can see the true colour.

Something is coming.  Something bad.  I want to reach out to warn the people but it would do no good.  They only hear what they have been told to hear.

I cant stand by and do nothing.

This is my city.

My phone burrs in my pocket and as I look at the screen, I can see that I have been summoned.  The red rain has brought out concerns that certain members of my order would prefer to have remained hidden.

Too late for that now.  I open my door and step out onto the street, visible now for the first time.  The people pass me as if i was a ghost.  A shadow cast upon a wall fleetingly and then gone.

If only they knew?


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