“I’ll be honest with you….I’m pretty scared”

Sometimes I come up with genius ideas.

This is not one of them.

A couple of days ago, I noticed a Facebook post from one of my friends who had his music collection rated by Alan Partridge.  What a brilliant idea, i thought and tried to download the app to do the same (well i like Gary Numan so I reckon I was on safe ground)

However it was Apple only, so frustrated and a little bit sad, I searched the Android Market for Alan Partridge stuff.  Plenty of soundboards so I downloaded a couple.  One of them allowed me to set the phrases as notifications.  So now my message tone is Alan saying the title of this post.

So today at work, I am listening to dance music and a message comes through.  Alan says the words and it fitted.  I mean really fitted into the tune, almost like it was a deliberate sample.

Little things and all that!

So why not try it yourself.  Download a soundboard and play some dance music.  then at random, just play one of the phrases “Tell me about the Ladyboys” and ” Scum, Subhuman Scum” work well too.

In fact to help you get started, the track below should work very well.  A forgotten Bronski Beat classic (after Jimmy Sommerville left) but it is a high energy and very 80’s piece of cheesy disco.

I love it unsurprisingly.

I reckon Alan would too….until he realised that they were gay and then he would react accordingly.  Well his newspaper of choice is the Daily Mail remember!!





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