Last night I dreamt of Gary Numan – NaNoWriMo must be coming

I really did too, although I cannot remember most of it.  There he was looking cool and dark but clad in a steam-punk get up, all cogs and leather.  There was something about music and it was all a bit like a movie trailer.  It was pretty cool.

Yes November approaches and my brain is getting into NaNoWriMo mode.  Gary Numan has been mentioned in every Nano Novel I have written and that is down to the fact that I love writing to his music.  Plus he looks uber cool, so you know, there is that too.

(If you don’t know what NaNoWriMo is, then please click here)

This will be my 7th year and I hope that I manage to finish my 6th novel this year.  However there are other outside influences that may make this almost impossible but that will not stop me giving it my all.  I have only failed to finish the novel once before, back in 2010 when I fell ill half way through the month and I just couldn’t continue.  Every year I go through the same feelings. 

Excitement at writing regularly again

Fear that what I am writing makes no sense at all

Tiredness at the thought of the task ahead of me

Worry that I am putting too much pressure on mysellf

Dismissing the worries as excitement bursts back as I plan out the first few scenes in my head

Then on November the 1st, I start writing and get lost in the wonderful world of writing.  I go through the usual bits of hating everything I am writing around week 2, wondering if I have remembered a main characters name correctly and thinking that I am going to run out of actual story long before the end.

My writing preparation is quite haphazard.  I don’t map out character histories, names or planned scenes.  I really should but I just cant bring myself to do it.  I do try and then manage to just ignore any notes I have made while I am writing. 

I have a rough idea in my head when I start writing and then it all just flows into another idea and another character and somehow ties itself together at the end.  If you have read any of my books (and I guess most of you have not) then you will know that my writing style is very “all over the place weird and stop starty” (that is a phrase I have made up yet it is accurate).

As November approaches, my dreams will start bleeding into my reality and I will pinch bits from them and put them into the novel. 

So If you have ever thought “I could write a novel”, then please go ahead on November and do so.  Sign up and go along to local meets, get to know local participants, read the inspirational emails and enjoy the whole experience.  There is nothing like finishing a novel and knowing that it did not exist 30 days previously and yet there it is.


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