They never learn do they?

A while ago I posted about Piracy and my thoughts on how to tackle this.

Today I read this article

Oh Dear!!

Now as the distributor in America, they are entitled to do whatever they want to try and make as many people as possible go to see it.  However there is a chance now, that the unedited cut will be available to import long before the edited version is in the cinema.

Does anyone else see the potential for fail here?

The core audience for this film, will have already imported the DVD and are unlikely to pay money to see a lesser film.  People who may be interested in the film, will no doubt hear about the uncut version and that may stop some of them going to see it.  The potential audience for this film will just not be there if this happens.

Now I have no idea what Snowpiercer is about, so I fall into the second camp.  Knowing that there is a potentially superior version out there has already made make think that I will see how cheap I can get the DVD for.  Partly to see if it is my kind of movie but mainly as a support for the directors original vision.  I doubt I will be the only one.

Years ago “The Secret of Mana” was released on the SNES in Japan and then America.  It did not come to Europe for a good year or so after the other releases.  So the European people who really wanted to play it had already imported it and played it to death.  That would have created a buzz in the gaming community and may have encouraged more casual gamers to go and do the same.  So when the European release of The Secret Of Mana happened, sales were disappointing – although I did buy that version.  The same could be said about the GameCube version of Animal Crossing (even I imported the Australian version of that).

If a company sees a foreign film / game / etc that they think deserves a wider audience, then why then take that product and change it?  Especially if by doing so, it delays the release.  Nowadays we are all just a couple of clicks away from buying something from another country – Big Companies need to take that into account and realise that the consumer is king in these cases.  Give them what they want, when they want it and at a decent price and you would see piracy drop dramatically and stay at low levels for good.

But what do I know?


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