Revisiting Midnight Oil “Diesel and dust”

Every couple of years I go back to this record. I bought it on vinyl back in my teens, purely on my love for the track “Beds are Burning”. The music flowed over me and I ended up really liking the whole album. At that time (assuming my brain is not retro fitting my memories!) I was reading a Chopper story in the Judge Dredd Magazine, written by Garth Ennis, that dealt with him after the “Chopper in Oz” storyline. He was with aborigines and sadly I cannot remember much about it. I do remember talk of the dreaming and that has stuck with me ever since. So that meshed with the themes on this album to become almost one memory. I cannot think of one without the other, even now.
When it comes back on my playlist, I always marvel at how good it is. Its just beautiful in parts and the track above is one of those beautiful moments.
I’m 41 and very few albums from my teen years are still listened to as regularly and loved as strongly as this one.
Just thought I’d share that with you.

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