“Use the magic plant!!” – Arrow series one thoughts

So the amazing CazChaos and I finished the first series of Arrow the other night (I do not like the phrase “season” when referring to a TV show – they are series in my mind).  Spoilers abound – you have been warned.

My thoughts on it all are suprisingly positive.  I really did fear that they would “smallville” the whole Green Arrow character and turn it into a teen mope-fest, although the Green Arrow in Smallville was one of the bits I actually liked.  23 episodes of Olivers journey back from the island and becoming Starling city’s hero.  Most episodes were good, some very good and only one was awful – Firefly/bug episode 10 if you are interested.

Lots of comic references put into the show in an non-obtrusive way.  Ferris aircraft, Markov,Diggle, Bludhaven, Count Vertigo, Huntress, Slade Wilson, Shado, Black Canary and even Roy Harper are some of the ones that stood out for me.  At no point did the programme go into full comic mode (which to be honest In would have liked) but it stayed realistic in the same way that Batman Begins did.  That idea that if these people did exist in our world, this is how it would be.

The main cast were really good and the guy playing Ollie was even better than the smallville version.  Sexy IT girl was a personal favourite too.

The ending of the series was pretty well handled too.  Malcolm Merlyn chewing scenery in the last two episodes with relish.  Tommy being wrong and then right about him.  Detective Lance understanding the Hoods reasons (albeit in a turnaround that happened so fast it made almost no sense).  The final battle between the Merlyn and Green Arrow was really well handled too, although I would have liked some explanation of how Merlyn became such a good fighter.  Nanda Parbat perhaps?

Roy Harpers turn from petty criminal to vigalante wannabe was handled better than I expected.  Yes it still made little sense but it was not forced too much either.

Then the very end….Tommy dying and I am saying to the TV the title of this post.  C’mon Ollie if I can remember about them, then surely you could too.  A stake through the body would be childs play to a magic plant that can cure pretty much anything.

I may be joking.

So series 2 has started in the States and is on some satellite channel over here.  It will be about a year before it is released on DVD for me to actually see.  From what I have read, they are going in the right direction.  Black Canary (and please call her that and not female vigilante or something) will be in it and it is not who I thought it would be.  Roy will eventually be Speedy/Red Arrow (as long as he doesnt choose Arsenal….worst superhero name ever….ok not the worst but damn close!).

Plus John Barrowman…you cannot keep a Scotsman down….he has to be back



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