Like a haunting soundtrack to a distopian science fiction movie

In preparation for NaNoWriMo, I bought the new album by Gary Numan “Splinter – Songs From A Broken Mind”.
It is a beautiful, dark, electronic and guitar sodden work of genius. This is the best he has sounded in years. No mean feat when you consider “Pure” and “Dead son rising” and how good they are.
My favourite track is definitely “Love Hurt Bleed” but the last track is what inspired my posts title.

The song is a beautiful, heartbreak. Well as far as I can tell by the lyrics anyway. Then half way through, the vocals stop and the music swells to fill the emptiness. What follows just paints images in permanent ink into my mind. Clint Mansells (vestan pance from his PWEI days) soundtracks are always amazing but if Mr Numan ever branched into that field, this is what I hope they would sound like.
Brilliant album…go give it a listen.


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