Oh NaNoWriMo….you have bested me again

Yes…I have thrown in the towel and decided that I will not complete my novel during November.
Three years ago, I had to call it a day half way through the month. Depression had taken hold of me and I could not continue.
This year it has struck again, albeit not as hard or for the same reasons. However the black dog visited long enough to make me realise that this year I have more important things to concentrate on.
I was not happy with my story (to be honest I rarely am). I started with such enthusiasm but quickly realised that it was just me ranting against the world and nobody wants to read that…including me!
I think as I have gotten older, the world has annoyed me more and more. The unfairness of big business, the obsession with designer labels and celebrity culture….basically the world is not how I dreamed it would be when I was young.  This has always appeared in my writing in one form or another (I remember my rant about Ugg boots from my second novel!). This year it had covered all my words in hate and anger. Now while this can make for a good read, this story didn’t turn out that way.
Imagine a 41 yr old man shouting at the public about how wrong they are….that was what it was like….but with bad spelling and grammar.
I will keep writing though, I just don’t think im going to worry about finishing it.  It needs to be written just to get it out of my system.
For those brave souls who are continuing, I wish you all the luck and strength to get through it all and emerge at the end of November with a novel that didn’t exist at the beginning of the month.


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