Double cross the vacant and the bored

Alexander woke up encased in a semi opaque plastic cannister.  The light that managed to filter through the material was soft and warm.  His arms were trapped by his side and when he became aware of the tube down his throat, he started to panic.

Muffled screams accompanied his struggle to escape.  The primal urge to live had taken over and the fear ripped through him.  If he had not been as loud with his struggles, then perhaps he would have heard the soft hiss of air escaping as the container opened.

The warm light washed over him as the lid disappeared from his view.  In its place Alex could see a figure clad in a green medical coverall.  The face was covered by a clear face plate that immediately made Alex fear that he was seriously ill.

Why could he remember nothing?

The man smiled and spoke with an accent that Alex could not quite place.

“Well hello there,” he glanced down at the clipboard that he was holding, reading something off of it, “Alex.”  The man looked back at him and smiled again.

“No need to worry, there is bound to be some side affects after being under for so long.  We will deal with that in time though.”

The man helped Alex out of the container and he could feel sucker tipped wires breaking away from his skin as he did so.

“Where am I?” Alex could barely manage a whisper.

The man in green looked annoyed and shouted over his should to someone that Alex could not see.

“Jesus another one.  I thought the software had been patched for this?”

There was a reply but Alex could not hear it clearly.  The man in Green sat Alex down on a chair and handed him a green cover.

“Here wrap this around you and lie back, the chair will take care of the rest.”

Lying back was almost involuntary and as he sank backwards, the chair raised his legs and moulded to his form.  It felt like being in a very warm, comfortable sleeping bag.  The rooms illumination seemed to dim slightly and the man in green wrote something on the clipboard.

“Look Alex, I am sorry.  The machine was supposed to have been sorted so that when you came out of it, your memory was the same as when you went in.”

“Went in where?”  Alex could hear the confusion in his own voice.  Somewhere his brain was telling him that everything was ok.  This was normal and it would soon pass.

“Oh dear, it looks like you cant remember anything.”  He walked out of Alex’s view and spoke to someone else.  “Subject 42 Alpha Fault 86.”  He then re-appeared at the opposite side from where he had walked away from.  He was holding what looked like a small camera in his right hand while he looked at the clip board.  Alex could see in the reflection of the man in greens clear face plate that it was digitally displaying words and numbers.  Try as he might, he could not read them in the reversed form that he could see them.  The man in green seemed to be scanning his body.  From the look on his face, whatever he was seeing was not what he had hoped for.  Eventually he stopped, put both the camera and clip board down and smiled at Alex.

“Well Alex, it is a good job that you are lying down.  What I am about to tell you may come as a big shock.”


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