I know somehow I will survive

During the 80s there seemed to be a real chance that the cold war would escalate into nuclear war. Well at least thats how it felt to teenage me.
My fears were strong and I remember not worrying about dying. I was far more scared I would live.
Of course time has passed and we have new fears now. However there is still a piece of that scared little boy in me, hiding in the dark.

When I was 17, I ended up doing a 3 month stint as a YTS printer.  I enjoyed the job, although I was not great at it.  One of the other employees used to play New Model Armys “Ghost of Cain” and “Thunder and Consolation” on repeat.  I am suprised the audio tapes never wore out they were played that much.  I grew to like the band from that exposure and when I moved back to Aberdeen after getting a job there, I went and bought these on tape.

In 1990, Aberdeen had an “Alternative” festival and New Model Army played the citys Music Hall.  I went and watched in wonder.  The support band was The Levellers and when New Model Army came on stage, the whole place went mental.  I stood near the back (live music is not my thing unfortunately) and watched as the melee of bodies in front of the stage, ebbed and flowed like a human sea.

The first time I heard the above song (it is the first track on Thunder and Conolation) it stuck with me.  The line that I have pinched a bot of for my title, made me realise that I was not alone in my fears.  The drumming and the heavy bass just makes me as happy now as it did back then.  The frightened child is still there and this song brings him back into focus every time.  The difference now is that he knows that he is not alone and that seems to help.

Even now, 20+ years later, I can find relevance in the lyrics of these songs.  225 for example, is still scarily accurate on the state of the surveillance culture that we find ourselves living in today.

So go on, have a listen and enjoy

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