My favourite cover version ever

The purpose of a cover version, at least in my mind, is to make a song your own.  There are loads that manage this perfectly.

The Manic Street Preachers version of “Umbrella” is just so good that it could have been one of their tunes.  I hate the original but this…this is good.

Special Mention should go to the work of Mr William Shatner and his various covers of songs, some of which sound like he had never heard them before.

Seriously…just listen to his “Lucy in the sky with Diamonds” and tell me that he had ever heard the original before he stood in front of the mic for this recording.  So many joyous songs by him but his version of “Common People” is by far the best of his covers.

I also have a massive soft spot for Carmen and Dicks calypso version of “Love Will Tear Us Apart“….just genius.

However my favourite cover version of all time is this one

I am not an Elvis fan, so that may explain why I love this version.  I love the Disco beat and the almost monotone singing of Neil Tennant.  The song always makes me smile.  The video though….the video is a weird collection of almost surreal images thrust at the viewer at random.  All the while it hints of being part of a bigger movie and this is a weird trailer like you used to get in the 70’s and 80’s.

So click, sit back and enjoy

Good Morning World


P.S.   I found this which seems to be more of a wee film….worth it just for the mad acting skills of Joss Ackland


One thought on “My favourite cover version ever

  1. Hello Chris. If you let me know which post I will gladly remove / edit it. However even though I live in Aberdeen, I have never posted about duthie park recipes that I am aware of. Still if you can poibt me in the right direction then I will see what I can do.
    I have to say that as this is the first time you have contacted me, the threat of solicitors is way over the top.


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