2013s most pirated TV shows

From this Bleeding Cool Article

I have spoken about this before.  The easiest way for Big Business to reduce the amount of piracy is to make shows available legally faster and cheaper.  Once the show has finished its run, put it out on DVD.  If the show is an American show that no British channel has picked up, then tough, put it out on multi region DVD anyway.  The people who pirate are the people who want to watch it now.  If they know they only have to wait till the end of the run before they can see it legally, then you cut the piracy massively down.

Now I know that you will never get rid of piracy but the anti pirate measures that are put in place just hurts the legal consumer and that is no way to treat people who are giving you money.  If I have paid money for a DVD then I do not want an anti piracy advert on the disc, especially one that I cannot skip (same goes for adverts but that is another post!)

I know over here that SKY often transmit the shows very soon after the US air date, but to be honest there are so many advert breaks, I could not watch stuff live on Sky anymore.  Plus I cannot afford it.  Same goes for Netflix and Lovefilm etc, although with them it is because I do not have decent internet and I have a limit on my usage of the internet I do have.  I will not be the only one that this affects.

DVD is the perfect medium for me.  I get the show I want, no adverts, no breaks between episodes, other than the ones I choose to have.  It is perfect.  I sat and worked my way through Arrow series one in just over a week and a half.  If I was waiting a week between episodes, I may not have given it a chance as I was convinced that I would hate a Smallvill with Arrows.  Thankfully the show is so much better than the Superman lite teen fest that Smallville was.   As for Game of Thrones, the third series does not even come out on DVD until the end of Feb 2014…..a massive missed opportunity to get cash from people who want to watch it this xmas at the very latest

So in conclusion.  TV companies should just release vanilla DVDs of their shows as soon as the shows last episode airs.  Make them region free because the potential audience for the shows will already have pirated the broadcasts by the time their countries TV networks decide to show it, so get the money from those that want the show legally.

We may not have a right to watch any TV show but in todays society, we do not like to wait and that is where the majority of the figures from that article come from.


One thought on “2013s most pirated TV shows

  1. GrahamC says:

    In the States, where most of these shows originate, as soon as the show is broadcast it is available in BluRay quality from both iTunes & Amazon for a buck fifty but only in the States, They need to remove the region lock and let us at that content! If people want to pay them money they should outstretch their hands and say thank you! Additionally it would not be hard to produce an app that allows the viewer to convert their downloads into DVDs, sell you some cheap packaging, professionally printed blanks etc – there is probably even more money there to be had doing it this way than traditionally.

    Advert breaks on Sky are no worse than those on terrestrial television as far as I can see. We should be thankful we don’t live in the States with their format of ad-breaks (although I quickly acclimatised) – do you remember ABC1 on Freeview back in 2006/2007? Like that but worse!


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